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APSE is the national voice for Employment First. Our members work to make inclusive workplaces, fair wages, and benefits, and the dignity of a job well done a reality for people with physical, mental health, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. We will create fair wages and inclusive work opportunities for all people with disabilities through changes in policy and partnerships with employers.

APSE offers a range of memberships for individuals and organizations. Through membership, you gain timely information, tools, and support that help make you the strongest advocate possible.

APSE Board President Heidi Maghan talking with an attendee.

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The support of colleagues working to build toward the same goal makes the APSE Movement stronger.


APSE is an environment filled with the latest news and strategies. Find best practices for businesses and employment service providers.

Events & Learning

Join us for extraordinary professional development opportunities and expert guidance on policy and advocacy.


  • Direct or Employment Support Professionals assisting people with disabilities transition to inclusive employment settings
  • People with disabilities and their family members
  • Educators
  • Policymakers at every level of government
  • Large and small employers interested in accessing the large and talented labor pool of people with disabilities
  • Students (APSE offers a student membership rate for transition-aged students)

Making the Most of your APSE Membership:APSE logo. A green 1 behind the "E". Text: Employment First, Employment for All.

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