Seattle High Schoolers Celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month Shows a Bright Future

You are never too young to recognize that success and disability are not mutually exclusive. Seattle’s Roosevelt High School used National Disability Employment Month (NDEAM) to drive that point home. Students in the school’s business education program celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month by creating posters about individuals with disabilities who have been successful in science, government, entertainment, and business as well as the organizations that support individuals with disabilities. The posters were displayed in the halls of the school throughout the month of October.

“I love making these posters. It makes me feel enriched and enlightened” said Sam S, student in Roosevelt High School’s business education program.

Addressing Equity and Inclusion

Seattle Public Schools Career and Technical Education Teacher Michelle Carter makes an effort each month to have her business students recognize the success of individuals who have historically been under-represented in the higher ranks of the business world. Carter emphasizes to her students that a career in business is attainable for any student that is interested in the field and is willing to work hard for it. That naturally includes students from diverse backgrounds and all ability levels.

“I want to send the message that I am here for all students and that success in business is within reach of all students,” said Carter. “Diversity in the classroom and in the workplace benefits individuals, businesses, and society.”

Roosevelt High School’s recognition of achievement and celebration of NDEAM is an example worth following.  APSE applauds the work of these future business leaders and looks forward to the dynamic, inclusive workplaces that they will one day guide.

Sample of some posters made by students

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