Meet Taylor (Mississippi)!

“My advice is to keep looking as the holidays are coming and many places are offering limited seasonal positions that can lead to being hired full-time. Keep working hard to prove to yourself and your peers that you that you can do this.”


I am the Self-Advocacy Coordinator for The Institute for Disability Studies. My job responsibilities include assisting with various programs/grants we provide for our community, schools, and on-campus at The University of Southern Mississippi.

I have been holding my job at the Institute for Disability Studies for 5 years now. One of my favorite duties is video editing/producing for my YouTube Series Chit Chat Thursday with Taylor.

I have autism so the pandemic has been challenging as it has changed my routine and structure of how I normally get things done.

The constant emails to each staff member instead of physical communication have really helped me. The struggle to get a job during this time of Covid-19 is at an all-time high as many are unemployed.

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NDEAM 2020 Poster in English.
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