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Exam Offerings and Application Updates

The CESP Exam Eligibility application is available to applicants to complete at any time. NO more application windows!

Here are the steps...
1. Apply at APSE Apply with all eligibility documentation and be reviewed for a $40 non-refundable application fee.

2. Be deemed Eligible to sit for the examination. You will receive instructions to schedule with Kryterion within 30 days.

3. Pay $159 per examination attempt (2 times allowed in a year) with Kryterion when you schedule!
*You have to wait at least 30 days between attempts.

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In-Person Proctored Exams

The CESP examination will continue to be available at in-person testing sites with a new testing partner, Kryterion. The examination will now be available all the time, with certain dates where the exam is unavailable throughout the year (such as when the APSE office is closed).

All testing centers have social-distancing protocols in place and are taking extra measures to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Testing centers will also provide you with a computer, have a reliable internet connection, and will have the software downloaded to the computer.

You must bring a valid form of ID when going to a testing center, such as a driver’s license. Your proctor will explain the procedures of the exam upon your arrival to the testing center.

Access Kryterion Support where there is 24/7 help with scheduling, technology, and examination support. Link:

2021 Plans to Offer Online Proctored Exams


Plans are underway to make the CESP examination available online with virtual proctoring.

Online proctoring (OLP) will be a convenient option for test takers who have space and technology to test from their home or office.

More details to come, for now, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to get this set up and running by March 2021.

You can apply now or anytime for CESP Exam Eligibility, then just wait to schedule until March

Check our FAQs or email cesp@apse.org
Or look for the magnifying glass on APSE websites for assistance!

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