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Below you will find the latest information on policy undertakings, as well as tips, tools, and contact information for your legislators.

The diversity and strength of the disability community, our advocates, and supporters are the greatest contributors to our collective success and we must be vigilant and strategic in our efforts to preserve the many hard-fought-for achievements we now enjoy while working hard to achieve fair pay and inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities.

Join us in our advocacy efforts. If you have questions, please contact us at info@apse.org.

Together, we will achieve Employment First in every state!

Advocacy in Action

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It’s time to #ExpandABLE

July 30, 2018

Contact your member of Congress or U.S. Senators TODAY and ask them to cosponsor the ABLE Adjustment Act! #ExpandABLE Join APSE in supporting passage of…

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APSE’s Letter of Support for the Introduction of the Disability Employment Incentive Act of 2018

July 13, 2018

On behalf of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), I write in support of your introduction of the Disability Employment Incentive Act of 2018. We commend you for your leadership in championing disability employment in the Senate.

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Statement Regarding the Department of Education’s Notice to Revise the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Regulations

May 17, 2018

The Collaboration to Promote Self Determination (CPSD), the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), and the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) are dedicated to…

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If you love the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s time to call your representative!

February 14, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is a day to celebrate the things and people we keep close to our heart. With a bill to amend the…

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Employment First Map

Check on the status of Employment First legislation in any state and contact the APSE chapter to ask questions or for updates. This map is a resource for everyone involved in the Employment First movement including: individuals with disabilities, family members, employers, employment providers, state vocational rehabilitation staff, state developmental disability staff, educators, policymakers, researchers, and general community members.

Thank you to David Hoff (Program Director, Institute for Community Inclusion, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development, University of Massachusetts, Boston) and Derek Nord (Director, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University, Bloomington) for their commitment to building and maintaining this resource!

Tools for Advocacy

Be a champion for Employment First! APSE is here to support you with the step-by-step guidance and facts you need. Many of APSE’s Action Alerts above link directly to easy-to-use templates, too.

  • Legislative Toolkit

    New to Employment First or Advocacy? This document gives you the all the background you need on the issue and planning your legislative outreach.

  • Guide for Self Advocates

    If you’re familiar with the issues and want a jumpstart on communications tactics, including social media and outreach to news outlets, this quick reference is what you need.

  • Medicaid Puts People to Work Fact Sheet

    Want to brush up on your facts or leave them behind with legislator? This fact sheet provides explains the important relationship between Medicaid and Employment First and why a healthy Medicaid program is necessary for the success of people with disabilities.

  • Medicaid – Long Term Services & Supports, and Employment Fact Sheet

    Learn about the interconnections among programs and how Employment First depends on Medicaid.

  • Employment First Resource List

    The State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) has developed a comprehensive listing of documents as a resource for policymakers, advocates, and researchers. SELN identifies legislation, regulations, and policy directives on the implementation of Employment First. For more information on SELN, go to SELNhub.org.

Find Your Legislators

Contact information for your elected officials is at your fingertips! Please note that many APSE Action Alerts link to template emails or scripts that make your outreach even easier.

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What are we missing? We want to hear from you – let us know if there are other tools you need to advocate for Employment First! Please email us at info@apse.org.