Welcome to 2020!

I realize it's already February, but we've had so many exciting things happening at APSE that I wanted to take a moment to share them with you.


As my time on the APSE Board of Directors comes to an end, I wanted to tell you about some of the amazing work that has occurred in the past two years. Looking back at our accomplishments and celebrating successes is so important so that we can look forward to a strong future for APSE.
Heidi Maghan.
  • APSE Membership is UP and new State Chapters have been chartered in South Carolina, Arizona, and Wyoming.
  • We are constantly adding member benefits and value--have you checked out our webinar offerings?--and our established Chapters continue to strengthen.
Professional Development
  • Our professional development offerings have expanded to meet the needs of our growing network.
  • The APSE National Conference has seen unprecedented success in terms of attendees, content, support and recognition within the field
  • APSE has dedicated resources to filling gaps in the Employment Support Professionals training and professional development landscape. We have updated the APSE Universal Competencies, developed training to support the Competencies, and have been contracted by several large national organizations, including Anthem, to develop training content for their staff.
  • APSE has partnered with ODEP to provide technical assistance and resources for our membership through the NEON Project. During the pilot year, five provider agencies who are APSE members from across the country, will receive targeted TA to develop a strategy to transform away from segregated to community-based employment.
Infrastructure Improvements
  • We have grown as an organization, utilizing technology to conduct business in a different manner. This has brought new opportunities for how we do our work along with it some challenges that we continue to work on and improve.
  • Our website is constantly updated with new and useful information. Check it out at www.apse.org
  • The Professional Development Online Forum was launched as a new tool to connect members across the country for the purpose of sharing resources and best practices.
  • The Member Portal has created a necessary platform to assist in supporting vital committee work and communication.
  • CESP has moved to 100% computer-based testing. The exam has been reaccredited and more and more states are recognizing CESP as a valuable credential for Employment Support Professional staff.
Public Policy Leader
  • APSE is recognized as the national policy leader for Employment First. APSE has senior staff based in Washington, DC, to ensure that APSE is represented and actively engaged in collaborative efforts to advance Employment First at the Federal policy level.
  • We continue to distill data into accessible and useful state-based information for our members, and consult with states and local municipalities on policy initiatives.
Strong National Team
  • The APSE National team is strong, and has grown from 3 full time staff to 8 full time staff, with 75% working remotely throughout the country. We are a diverse, dedicated team bringing specific, professional experience to expand our work and our scope.
  • Jenny Stonemeier, APSE Executive Director, recently got married. Congratulations!! With a unanimous decision from the APSE Board of Directors, she is relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It will be business as usual as she will work remotely and continue to lead APSE. Jenny will be readily available to support APSE members across the country, as will continue to focus on expanding our networking opportunities. By moving to Texas, APSE will have leadership presence in a part of the US where there is room for us to grow and be represented.
  • Julie Christensen, APSE Public Policy Director, will continue to work in Washington, DC insuring that APSE remains at the forefront of policy issues. Julie and Jenny will continue to work closely, just as they do now.
Strong Board Leadership
  • We have a strong board of directors who are poised to guide continued success. Consider being part of the bigger picture nationally and joining the board! Be a part of making a difference in Employment First on a national level!
  • Nominations will be posted soon! Watch for them in your email box or spam filter!
As I head into the final 3 months of my term of serving on the National APSE board, I want to say thank you to all our dedicated APSE members and staff. APSE has accomplished much in the 6 years I have served on the board, including some growing pains, as we strategically positioned APSE to move forward in a position of strength as Employment First marches on.  It has been an honor to represent APSE as the Board President. Thank you and hope to see you all in Denver!
Heidi Maghan
APSE Board President