Welcome to APSE's NEW Advocacy Action Center. We are excited to offer new tools to our members and to the Employment First community at large to assist with state and federal advocacy efforts.

On this page, you will see any current action alerts and advocacy campaigns in progress. You have the option of clicking on any campaign that is of interest to you and will be directed to the necessary steps to TAKE ACTION.

This page also provides direct links to Federal legislation supported by National APSE, and provides the opportunity to search for legislation by state. Not seeing a bill that you feel APSE should be tracking? Let us know! Just email julie@apse.org.

Current Action Alerts and Advocacy Campaigns

To date, 15 states have passed legislation to phase out the use of 14(c) certificates. However, we need Congress to take action in order to eliminate the payment of subminimum wages to people with disabilities across the country!

Map of the U.S. with states that have passed 14c legislation shaded in.

You can help by calling your Members of Congress to let them know that we support competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities!

Our Message:

In 2023, disability rights law, the modernization of the business marketplace, and advances in available community employment supports make 14(c) no longer necessary or acceptable.


Call your Members of Congress and ask them to support TCIEA (HR1264 / S533) TODAY!

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APSE Calls on Congress to Invest in the Employment Supports Professioal Workforce

Since the COVID pandemic began, the Employment FIrst community has lost approximately 25% of our workforce (source: APSE COVID survey, 2020-2022). Specifically, these lost positions represent job coaches and job developers who are on the front lines breaking down barriers and supporting people with disabilities to participate in the general labor market.

What can YOU do? 
APSE urges our members and allies to contact your Members of Congress and your State Legislators to tell them that #ESPsAreDSPs and #DSPsAreEssential!

Share your stories about the need for enhanced wages and supports for our employment support professionals.

In particular, we want to talk about:

  • Stories about ways in which ESPs serve as a critical partner in assisting individuals with disabilities to enter and remain in the general labor market.
  • Stories of how the disability provider system has adapted in real-time to ensure continued delivery of services (and the challenges faced) despite a critical workforce shortage.
  • Stories about the ways in which credentialing (CESP) enhances the quality of services and supports.
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APSE Receives $350,000 Contract from U.S. AbilityOne Commission

September 28, 2023

The Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) Receives Contract from U.S. AbilityOne Commission to Develop AbilityOne Program Career Planning Support Resources

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APSE Supports the Reintroduction of TCIEA

February 27, 2023

The Certified Employment Support Professional™ (CESP) highlights and supports those who have earned and maintained the credential!

The following lists CESPs who successfully earned or recertified their credential in the last month. View the full CESP Directory online.

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APSE Conversations: APSE Updates with Julie Christensen

December 3, 2021

Today, Julie Christensen, Executive Director of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) joins Drs. Houtenville and O’Neill, and Denise Rozell, Policy Strategist at…

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APSE Podcast: COVID-19, APSE, and Employment

October 15, 2021

This podcast is a recording of the APSE NDEAM event from Thursday, October 14th. Listen in to hear from Julie Christensen, APSE’s Executive Director and Director of Policy & Advocacy, plus John Butterworth (ICI UMass Boston) and Brian Shepley with Source America. Talking all things disability employment, what COVID-19’s impact has been on the job market, and how providers of employment supports are adjusting as we look forward.

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