Tell Congress that We Can't Wait Any Longer for COVID Relief!

Contact your Members of Congress Today!

Please continue to reach out to your Members of Congress. They need to hear from the APSE community. Ask them to prioritize immediate COVID-19 relief to address the critical health and economic needs of older adults, people with disabilities and those with underlying health conditions, front-line workers and family caregivers.

We need you to share your story with your Senator, and encourage others to share their stories too!

Share your stories about the impact of COVID-19 in your local community.

In particular, we want to tell:
• Stories of people with disabilities who are working in essential jobs during the crisis, and the ways employment supports help to keep them safe and successful during the crisis.
• Stories of people with disabilities who have been unable to keep jobs during the pandemic, and why.
• Stories of how the disability provider system has adapted in real time to ensure continued delivery of services (and the challenges faced).


It's quick and easy to have your voice heard.

Watch the video to learn how to make a call to your Senators in 3 minutes or less!!! Even if you’ve called or emailed before, or shared your HCBS story on social media, we need you to contact your Members of Congress again.

Ways to Engage

  • Call your Senators and Representatives (U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 voice or 202-224-3091 tty, ask to be connected to your Member)
  • Provide your name and city/zip code where you live
  • Share your personal stories or use the phone script* provided below
  • Send a Tweet (using this tool) or a Facebook Message to your members.
  • Email

What do I say?

Easy-to-use scripts are below. You can use them as is, or can customize them to share your stories about the impact of COVID-19 in your local community. Also, please consider sharing the preliminary results of APSE's COVID Impact Survey with your Members of Congress (MOC)!

Sample Tweet

[Your MOC's Twitter handle] #WhatWeNeed is dedicated #HCBS funding so people with disabilities can access the services they need to safely live and work in their communities.

Sample Phone/Email Script

Hello, this is [Name]. I’m a resident of [Town, State, Zip code].  
I am calling to ask [MOC's Name] to ask Congress to pass a COVID-19 relief bill that includes dedicated funding for home and community-based services (HCBS) — including for community mental health services and employment supports — to help the millions of people in this country with disabilities, including people of color with disabilities who are among those most impacted by the pandemic. In addition to dedicated HCBS funding, more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program is desperately needed to ensure that the disability supports system can continue to operate and provide vital services in communities across the country.
The need for increased funding for HCBS services and PPP loans is more urgent now than ever, as new outbreaks of COVID-19 are on the rise across the country. I ask you to convey the critical importance of addressing the needs of people with disabilities to your colleagues and leadership in Congress.
Thank you!
[IF EMAILING OR LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address and zip code to ensure your call or email is tallied]

Uncertain who your Members of Congress are? Find out here:

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