Join Us in Welcoming The Newly Elected
2021-22 National APSE Board of Directors

As President of the board, and on its behalf, I extend our thanks to the talented, knowledgeable, and committed members of APSE who answered our call to join us by running for a national leadership position. The response was both awe-inspiring and humbling and resulted in voting members having a record number of people passionate for the work and possessing a broad, deep range of expertise from which to choose.

It is with a deep appreciation for all who ran, and all who voted, that I congratulate and welcome the newly-elected members of the National APSE Board of Directors. They will be starting their three-year terms of office when they join the National APSE staff and the rest of the Board in our June orientation and planning activities.

With a hopeful vision for an even stronger, more effective Association of Persons for Employment First in the coming year, I invite you to congratulate and welcome the 2021 members of the National Board!


Margaret T. Gilbride
National APSE Board President

At-Large Winners

Wesley Anderson, New Jersey


Emily Munson, Indiana


Matthew Shapiro, Virginia

Matthew is a white man in a suite, wearing glasses, and using a wheelchair.

Regional Delegate Winners

Cindy Burns, Southeast Regional Delegate, Georgia

Cindy is an older white woman with blond hair, smiling at the camera.

Trica Jones-Parkins, Rocky Mountain Southwest Regional Delegate, Utah

Tricia is a white woman, wearing a polk dot top, with red hair and green eyes and a green background.