APSE Conversations: Hasan Davis, #2021APSE Keynote Speaker

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Listen in to hear from one of the #2021APSE Virtual Conference keynote speakers, Hasan Davis, J.D.! In conversation with National APSE’s Erica Belois-Pacer, they dive into why #EmploymentFirst needs to include conversations about race, poverty, and juvenile justice systems. Listen to get to know Hasan and his background. Join in June for the Virtual Conference!

In 2014 Hasan published Written Off: How One Man’s Journey through Disability, Poverty, and Delinquency is Transforming the Juvenile Justice System. In 2019 he published his first children’s book, The Journey of York, Unsung hero of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Which chronicles the experience of the Corps of Discovery’s only African-American member, an enslaved man named York. Hasan shares his background in school, his strategies to survive and find hope, and how he found his place. Hasan enjoyed creative outlets like drama, acting, and writing. Hasan lives in Berea, Kentucky with his wife and two sons.

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