Meet Eddy (Florida)!

“I believe that people with disabilities have equally served as a vital component of the workforce and economy throughout the pandemic.”


Eddy is a Therapy Aide in the Physical Therapy Department at  South Miami Hospital. His role  includes bedside assistance with both inpatient and outpatient  clients, cleaning and sanitation of  therapy equipment and beds,  scheduling patients, ordering linen,  patient transportation, and more.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eddy has had to work through a lot of challenges. At first, he was very worried about being in the hospital just like many other healthcare workers,” said Alexandra Murray from The de Moya Foundation. The hospital removed visitation and volunteer opportunities which limited the person-to-person employment supports that Eddy typically received. “We had to quickly adapt to the virtual world and using video calls to communicate.” The virtual offerings that The de Moya Foundation launched at the start of the pandemic have been very beneficial. Zoom and video meetings have allowed him to feel connected and supported.

“I believe that people with disabilities, alongside typical people of our community, have equally served as a vital component of the workforce and economy throughout the pandemic,” Alexandra shared. “We have many essential workers that have worked straight through the lockdowns, curfews, etc.” The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging and uncertain time, particularly for the individuals with developmental disabilities who may not fully understand what is happening now and what will happen in the future. However, essential workers like Eddy understand the team effort that it takes to work and provide services through this scary time. “What sets Eddy apart is that he continues to fight the good fight and work to help those that are in need.”



Eddy FL
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