Meet Fred (New York)!

When asked why he chose to work through the pandemic versus staying at home and receiving pay, Fred’s response was, “This is what I was hired to do, so I show up every day!”


Fred has worked full-time for 4 years at Central Park Conservancy in New York City performing park maintenance that includes debris and trash removal, string trimming, weeding, sweeping, snow removal, leaf raking, installation, and repair of fencing, and facility maintenance as needed. Fred interacts with Park patrons in a professional manner including providing accurate and pertinent information regarding Park landmarks and events.

While the majority of NYC worked from home, Fred was considered an essential worker as Central Park still needed to be maintained.  He admitted that it was a bit scary to be out in the public, but he felt confident that his employer CPC, always looked out for its employees providing masks, bleach spray, hand sanitizer, and gloves.

When asked about working through a pandemic, Freddie responded, "Somebody's got to do it!" and "It comes with the job".  From his supervisor, “Fred has been a reliable member of the Central Park Conservancy team throughout the COVID19 pandemic.  While many staff opted to stay home and receive full pay when NYC shut down, Fred volunteered himself to come in for as many shifts as needed. When he was working in the park he was as positive as ever and up for anything that was asked of him.”




Fred in a yellow construction vest with his hand on his head.
NDEAM 2020 Poster in English.
Cartel del Mes Nacional de la Concientización Sobre la Discapacidad en el Empleo 2020

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