New Restrictions on Subminimum Wage Go Into Effect – July 22, 2016

As a result of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), new restrictions on subminimum wage go into effect today, Friday July 22nd. The information below outlines these new requirements. Given APSE’s long-­‐standing call for phasing out subminimum wage, APSE is pleased to see efforts to limit its use. It is critically important for APSE members and other advocates to be aware of these new requirements, and ensure they are fully enforced in a way that does not result simply in a “checklist” approach so that an individual can be paid subminimum wage. They should be used instead as stated in WIOA to “ensure that individuals with disabilities, especially youth with disabilities, have a meaningful opportunity to prepare for, obtain, maintain, advance in, or regain competitive integrated employment, including supported or customized employment.” Simply put, these new requirements under Section 511 of WIOA, should be used to divert young people from subminimum wage employment, and move individuals from subminimum wage jobs into competitive integrated employment. APSE will keep its members posted on implementation of these new requirements, with information on ensuring full enforcement of Section 511, and leveraging it to make competitive integrated employment a reality for all.

Read/download the Full WIOA – Section 511 Action Alert – Section 511

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