Ross Ryan, Oregon

2021 National APSE Board of Directors At-Large Candidate

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How many years have you been involved in integrated employment/supported employment?

18 years

The area(s) that best represents your current position/experience:

Advocate, Person with a Disability

Describe your history/nature of involvement/interest in integrated employment/supported employment.

I didn’t like the jobs that people were getting for people with disabilities, and I was always interested in that. So, I decided I wanted to try to give a voice to people with a disability in Oregon so that we could be a part of the community like everyone else.      

How will you be able to contribute to the growth and improvement of APSE as an organization?

I will give my knowledge as an advocate, and I can also contribute in other ways with information that they may not know and what is going on out there from a disability point of view.


Ross Ryan is a person who experiences a disability. He always wanted people to have a voice to say what goes on in their lives and in their employment. He knows what is out there and wants people to have a better life for themselves. He also wants to be able to contribute like everybody else. He is a Community Advocate in Oregon. He talks to legislators, goes to committees, other board meetings, and meets with stakeholder groups.

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