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The Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC) announces that the Certified Employment Support Professional™ Certification was awarded it's 5-year accreditation in August 2019 by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

The NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE). The CESP™ Certification was awarded its initial 5-year accreditation in 2014.

The NCCA’s Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs, which were created in the mid-1970s, were the first standards developed by the credentialing industry for professional certification programs. The NCCA Standards were developed to help ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public. They highlight the essential elements of a high-quality program.

The NCCA standards are consistent with The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing  (AERA, APA, & NCME, 1999) and are applicable to all professions and industries. Certification organizations that submit their programs for accreditation are evaluated based on the process and products and not the content; therefore, the Standards are applicable to all professions and industries. Program content validity is demonstrated with a comprehensive job analysis conducted and analyzed by experts, with data gathered from stakeholders in the occupation or industry.

NCCA accredited programs certify individuals in a wide range of professions and occupations including nurses, automotive professionals, respiratory therapists, counselors, emergency technicians, crane operators and more. To date, NCCA has accredited approximately 330 programs from more than 130 organizations.

What is Certification

The ESPCC developed the Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) program to set a standard of knowledge and distinguish employment support professionals who have shown they have the skill and competence to perform the requirements of the job.

Professional certification is different than a training or educational program. Training programs offer a certificate of attendance when an individual completes the coursework, but they do not give a credential. ESPCC used a nationally recognized process to define the roles and responsibilities of the employment support professional and awards a credential after the individual passes an exam to demonstrate their competence.

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About the ESPCC

The Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC) was established in 2011 by the APSE Board of Directors to establish and implement policies and procedures for the CESP™ certification program and to oversee the development of the CESP™ examination. The ESPCC is responsible for developing and overseeing all aspects of the certification program.

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April 15, 2020

Reviews of Applications: Beginning April 15, 2020, the recertification review process will allow each applicant two (2) reviews of your application. If after two reviews the application does not meet the 36 CE requirements, the application will be denied. A new application would then need to be submitted. There is no limit to the number of…

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