Washington State Looks to End Subminimum Wage

Advocates in Washington State have been working to end Subminimum wage for people with disabilities by helping create and supporting legislation in the 2019 Washington State session.  Representative Noel Frame and Senator Emily Randall introduced companion bills HB 1706 and SB 5753 to end the practice of subminimum wages for people with disabilities. The bills will remove provisions authorizing the director of Labor and Industries to issue special certificates for the employment of individuals impaired by age, physical or mental deficiency, or injury at wages lower than minimum wage

This is after Seattle, Washington became the first city government to end the practice last year, inspiring other cities and states to start the process to end subminimum wage. Over 80 organizations, including Washington APSE, have signed on to support the end of subminimum wage in Washington.  The house bill has been moved out of its first committee and it waiting for a floor vote where it has until March 13THto get a vote out of the chamber.  The Senate bill is also scheduled to have a vote in its policy committee this week.

To learn about the efforts in Washington State to end subminimum wage, and why it is important to end subminimum wage visit

Written by:

 Wally Tablit, WA APSE Chapter President and
National APSE Board Member

 Noah Seidel, WA APSE Chapter Public Policy Liaison

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